Practice Updates with COVID-19

Clinical Treatment Response to COVID-19

As of March 17, 2020, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush is committed to slowing the transmission of COVID-19. Our goal is to continue to provide outstanding orthopedic care while practicing social distancing and minimizing in-person contact.

In the state of Illinois, we are under a “Shelter in place” order until April 30, 2020. All non-essential businesses are closed as we attempt to “flatten the curve”.

As a result, we have postponed all elective surgeries through May 3, 2020, in the hospital setting. We are re-evaluating a tentative date to resume operations at the ambulatory surgery centers.

Additionally, existing scheduled patients will be rescheduled to a later date or will utilize telehealth through April 30, 2020. We have transitioned to telehealth for routine post-operative visits with our physician assistants, Lauren Opila and Gabrielle Dunn. Telehealth can also be appropriate for new patients that already have x-rays completed.

For patients that require urgent follow-up care for conditions that need immediate attention, we have extremely limited office hours on an as-needed basis only. If you feel your condition requires urgent attention, please contact us directly.

Developments and recommendations with this pandemic are changing daily. Please know that we have the best interest of our patients in mind, always.

Be safe and stay well,

Scott Sporer, MD

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