Practice Updates with COVID-19

Clinical Treatment Response to COVID-19

We have resumed office hours and elective surgeries at all of our sites.

Clinic appointments are reserved for patients that require in-person visits (joint injections, acute orthopedic problems, post op visits, etc). We are still utilizing telehealth visits where appropriate.

For those who elect to have surgery at Elmhurst Hospital, we are encouraging everyone who can go home the same day after surgery to seriously consider this option as to minimize the risk of contracting COVD-19 while hospitalized.

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush is taking the necessary steps to keep our staff and patients safe, including: temperature screenings, increased sanitization practices, social distancing in waiting rooms, and wearing masks.

Developments and recommendations with this pandemic are changing daily. Please know that we have the best interest of our patients in mind, always.

Be safe and stay well,

Scott Sporer, MD

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